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Daugiau skelbimų ir mašinų pasiūlymų:
Smeigių suvirinimo aparatas KÖKO / Hilbig
Smeigių suvirinimo aparatas KÖKO / Hilbig ELOTOP 2002

Stud welding with ceramic ring 3 to 22mm Infinitely variable current setting range 300 to 2000A max. current 2300A Stepless time setting 20 to 1500ms Stud welding gun K 24 Mai... ...

CNC diskų valytuvas
CNC diskų valytuvas Özçelik Makina A.Ş ORBIT V

PRODUCT DETAILS FEATURES Batch processing and precision measurement. Control panel with touch screen and profile recognition system. Cleaning of the lower, upper, inner and outer ... ...

Dvigubos galvutės suvirinimo aparatas
Dvigubos galvutės suvirinimo aparatas Özçelik Makina A.Ş ORION II SN

Product details: - Used for welding plastic profiles at various angles. - Pneumatic movement - Automatically start and stop the process. S78ww7x0o - Welding without changing dimen... ...

PVC suvirinimo aparatas
PVC suvirinimo aparatas Özçelik Makina A.Ş ORION I SN

PRODUCT DETAILS Pneumatic movement. Zero welding for color profiles and normal welding. Welding between 30º and 180º. Automatic start and end of cycle. Digital welding time adj... ...

4 galvučių suvirinimo aparatas
4 galvučių suvirinimo aparatas Özçelik Makina A.Ş ORION IV

PRODUCT DETAILS Pneumatic head movement. Automatic frame unloading unit. High process programming capacity. Safety of the working area with safety fence. Digitally controlled w... ...

Lazerinis prietaisas
Lazerinis prietaisas TRUMPF TruDisk 4001

TruDisk 4001 (FD27) 1 piece Beam guide Outputs with 100% power 2 pieces TRUMPF LaserNetwork 2 pieces Cooling processing optics / LLK 1 piece Active laser power control 1 piece Inte... ...

Suvirinimo sistema
Suvirinimo sistema HERRMANN HS AC

table-size 300 x 300 mm frequency 20 kHz control HS DIALOG 2012 control active control connected load 4,5 kW = ultrasonic welding machine - - price new 36.000,00 EUR - Bn8pywslz... ...

Smeigių suvirinimo sistema
Smeigių suvirinimo sistema HBS

Welding range (steel): 2 - 10 mm or M 3 - M 12 Number of welds: 7 - 17 /min electrical Connection: 400 V kW Space required: 470 x 230 x 300 mm Weight: 40 kg Bn3t22n22wk... ...

Ultragarsinis suvirinimo aparatas
Ultragarsinis suvirinimo aparatas HERRMANN PS-DC (35 kH) Ultraschall

Ultrasonic welding machine HERRMANN Ultraschalltechnik Karlsbad Type PS-DC Machine # SM5718/01 Year of construction 2001 Bwj8qhop Technical data: Power 1000 W Projection 150 mm In... ...

Suvirinimo panardintuoju lanku sistema
Suvirinimo panardintuoju lanku sistema Oerlikon

A used submerged arc welding system from Oerlikon is for sale, which was regularly serviced and fully functional until last year. The system is mounted on a crane rail and has a cr... ...

Banginio litavimo sistema
Banginio litavimo sistema ATF Automatisierungstechnik GmbH 20-33 Wellenlötanlage

Wave soldering system Fabr. ATF Automatisierungstechnik GmbH Type 20-33 Betwt0tz Serial # 0352330795 Year of manufacture 1995 Technical data: Fluxer (spray fluxer) Compressed air ... ...

Tinklelio suvirinimo aparatas
Tinklelio suvirinimo aparatas MCC001 MCC001

Automatic rebar mesh welding machine MCC001 T2rsqohy Technical passport Application of the machine: The machine is designed for welding steel reinforcement mesh from previously sh... ...

Ultragarsinis VE20 Microbond SCI 3x Naujas
Ultragarsinis VE20 Microbond SCI 3x Naujas HERrMANN Ultraschall VE20 Microbond SCI

3x VE20 Microbond SCI 3x New Chcmhj22 The MICROBOND CSI system, consisting of a feed unit, control unit and high-performance generator, guarantees consistent welding quality. A so... ...

Smeigių suvirintojas
Smeigių suvirintojas HBS Rotamat 800 Bolzenschweißgerät

Stud welder HBS type Rotamat 800 Bmbw0i8qovy Machine # 511433 Year of manufacture 2004 Welding machine for welding hollow cylindrical fasteners with magnetically moved arc Technic... ...

Smeigių suvirintojas
Smeigių suvirintojas NELSON TR 850 Bolzenschweißgerät

Stud welder NELSON type TR 850 Serial # 81715 Year of manufacture 1981 Jc3dyxs7j Technical data: Welding stud size 6-16 mm stepless welding current adjustment 250-1000 A Welding s... ...

Smeigių suvirintojas
Smeigių suvirintojas BOLTE GmbH /BTH Tec PRO-C 1500 Bolzenschweißgerät

Microprocessor-controlled stud welder BOLTE GmbH /BTH Tec Type PRO-C 1500 Item no. B-94-30-2220, serial no. 1831 833 designed for stud welding with tip ignition Technical data: ma... ...

Smeigių suvirintojas
Smeigių suvirintojas Jungbauer SWS CD26

power consumption: 2,3 kVA protection class: Bmbakiy3smf open-circuit voltage: 56 - 198 V protection class: IP 44 weight of the machine approx.: ca. 35 kg dimensions of the machin... ...

Suvirinimo robotas
Suvirinimo robotas Yaskawa Motoman MH6 DX100

Robot: Yaskawa MH6 Year: 12/2011 Axis: 6 Payload: 6 kg Working area: 1422 mm Dguklgjyb Controller: Yaskawa DX 100 (02-2012) CMT welding unit: Fronius with VR 7000-CMT ... ...

Rankinis lazerinis suvirinimo aparatas
Rankinis lazerinis suvirinimo aparatas "Pro Wattsan 5in1 G2 Pro

Cleaning, welding, cutting, weld cleaning, and energy storage welding — the handheld laser welding machine can improve the efficiency of your production. It’s able to weld carbon, ... ...

Rankomis valdomas lazerinis suvirinimo aparatas
Rankomis valdomas lazerinis suvirinimo aparatas Wattsan 4in1 G2

Cleaning, welding, cutting, and weld cleaning — the handheld laser welding machine can improve the efficiency of your production. It’s able to weld carbon, stainless steel, aluminu... ...

Lazerinis pluoštas LLK-D 600µm 30m
Lazerinis pluoštas LLK-D 600µm 30m Highyag LLK-D 600µm

Laser fiber LLK-D 600µm 30m for Laserline, Trumpf incl. cooling water hoses Dn9gwv LLK-D for various lasers Core 600µm NA: 0.2mm Wavelength 900-1060nm will be shipped in a hard ... ...

Argono vakuuminio suvirinimo kamera
Argono vakuuminio suvirinimo kamera Severn Science Argon Vacuum Welding Chamber

Severn Science Argon Vacuum Welding chamber, new in 2002, previously used in F1 motor racing facility. With Edwards E2M 80 vacuum pump. Excellent condition, very rarely used. Hnq... ...

Lazerinio suvirinimo sistema
Lazerinio suvirinimo sistema ARNOLD Laserschweißanlage

Technical data follow... Bllxesn7vcc... ...

Grūdinimo žvaigždutės dygsniavimo stotis
Grūdinimo žvaigždutės dygsniavimo stotis ARNOLD Heftstation für Anlasszahnkranz

Arnold stapling station: Bllwyr9q3wb Max. Back-up fuse: 63 A Mains connection: 3 x 400 VAC + N + PE Power: 10 kW Control voltage: 24 VDC Incl. KLH Kältetechnik W05.HL3 and Trumpf ... ...

Konteinerių apvertimo įtaisas
Konteinerių apvertimo įtaisas WMW Behälterdrehvorrichtung 30 t

Container turning device WMW Year of construction 1984 consisting of 4 individual container turning units Technical data: Load capacity unfortunately not visible, approx. 30 t All... ...