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Team Baumgärtner GmbH

Team Baumgärtner GmbH

Frau Anja Albert

Oelsnitzer Straße 48
95185 Gattendorf


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Die Team Baumgärtner GmbH wurde 2013 aus der seit 2007 bestehenden Einzelfirma Team Baumgärtner umfirmiert. Schwerpunkt ist der handel mit gebrauchten und neuen Bäckereimaschinen aller Art.
Die Firma verfügt über eine eigene Werkstatt sowie einen Reparaturservice für Bäckerei-, Gastronomie- und Kühlgeräte für den Bereich Sachsen, Thüringen und Nordbayern.

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für WP 78 x 98
Spiralinė maišyklė Kemper für 100 kg Mehl
Spiral mixer Kemper for 100 kg flour article number: 1679 Manufacturer: Kemper Two clocks, two speeds and a reverse gear Batch sizes: In flour: 100 kg Technical data: operating voltage: 400 V Type of current: 3 Ph Frequency: ...
Riebalų galinį įrenginį JUFEBA WW GW 10 mit Gärschrank
Fat back device JUFEBA WW GW 10 with proofing Cabinet Article number: 1676 Suitable for bakery and pastry shop, for up to 48 dough (doughnuts, Berlin, etc.) Accessories included: 2 baskets of turn 2 drain baskets 1 drop Pa ...
Likusios duonos smulkintuvas / UnSofteismaschine Diosna RZ 4
Remaining bread chopper / universal Shredder DIOSNA RZ 4 Shredders for bread of rest of, herbs, dried fruit, or wet material item number: 1675 Manufacturer: DIOSNA GS seal / CE serial number: 3-104-711-001-024 400 V, 3n, 50 H ...
Hubkneter Kemper F 100 SL
Hubkneter Kemper F 100 SL article number: 1668 Machine number: 5710128 - manual control, - 1: 00 -Emergency stop - boiler and dough hook made of stainless steel -for 160 kg dough, 100 kg of flour - 380 V, 16A, 3 Ph -CEE-Plug a ...
Tešla Sheeter Seewer Rondo SKO 68
Dough Sheeter Salem Rondo SKO 68 article number: 1666 Manufacturer: Salem Rondo year: 1998 engine number: B8A224028 -Sharp and without damage - mass belts wipers in good condition - beaker intact and without damage: Height: a ...
Stabdyti mašinos / maišytuvas REGO SM 4
Stop machine / mixer REGO SM 4 Art. - No. 1654 Gxpdms2ge Control: Manual State machine / 2 work functions (1 x mixing, 1 x beating) 2 stainless steel boiler (size between 16 and 40 litres of your choice), 4 beaters, 1 additio ...
Indaplovės krepšelis Hobartas AMXT-10 N Hobart AMXT - 10 N
with separate sink and long open-air article number: 1651 VISIOTRONIC control: single button operation with residual running display in combination with text and graphic display. Both wash and rinse arms can be found without an ...
Galandimo įranga su automobiliu für MIWE Etagenofen
Honing equipment with trucks for MIWE deck oven Article number: 1641 Bb38gndzg8 for MIWE / 1.60 m depth of the stove; -all metal parts made of stainless steel; -Bands new 7 rows of eyelets / grommets distance: 9 cm - trolle ...
Duonos augalų Eberhardt universalus C 80 106 Eberhardt Backtechnik GmbH Eberhardt Universal C 80- 106
Bread plant Eberhardt universal C 80 106 209 09 Article number: 1637 Manufacturer: Eberhardt baking Technology GmbH, Germany year of production: 2002 Weight range: 300 1.750 g Hourly capacity: approx. 900 piece 400 V, 50 H ...
Šiltas baseino / Marmito GN 1 / 1
with stopcock -consisting of base part, 6 removable containers with lid item number: 1500 Type: BM 001 Stainless steel execution Evi0aeo0k Height: 22.5 cm Width: 33.5 cm Length: 53.5 cm weight incl. tray: 9.0 kg Temp ...
Augalų duona / duona gatvėje su apvalus ratukas Rondo Abwieger 3000 und Kombi 3000
Bread plant / bread Street 3000 from Abwieger 3000 and combined of 3000 with circular knitting Article number: 1634 Manufacturer: Rondo Year of build 2016 the complete bread line from clerk, combined 300 and round caster to ...
Spiralinė maišyklė Häussler SP 50 2 G 2T
Spiral mixer Halimah SP 50 2 G 2T Article number: 1630 Manufacturer: Halimah machine number: 047 80611 B Yrrql8 -Stainless steel boiler / stainless steel kneading arm - 2 watches / 2 speeds -manual control -Flour dust ...
Aprikotier - ir stiklo kompleksas Boyens Jelly Mini Boy
Suitable for Aprikotier - and glazing unit Boyens jelly mini boy - particularly for small bakeries. Giutdphv8 -no water bath -quickly ready for use -Heated tube to the gun -particularly strong heating for short heat-up t ...
Sumuštinių spaudos Eberhardt Optimat S
Dough dividing and knitting machine / sandwich press Eberhardt Optimat S Article number: 1612 Power consumption: 380 V 50 Hz 2.0 A 0.75 kW Dimensions: Length: 660 mm Width: 620 mm Height: 1.425 mm Working table he ...
Nerūdijančio plieno darbo stalo
Article number: 1474 width: 270 cm Depth: 70 cm height: 85 cm long sides open, narrow pages disguised; Material: Stainless steel Edelstahleinlegeboden down (to 20 cm) - work surface without dings or dents, 5 small holes with ...
Maišytuvas / planetos vonios maišytuvas Fimar IP 20F
Mixer / planetary mixer FIMAR IP 20F article number: 1603 Serial number: 100701785 year: 2010 Power consumption: 550 W 230 V Protection: IPX 3 Dimensions: height 80 cm depth: 52 cm width: 42 cm weight: 98 kg -Floor-moun ...
Temperatūros valdymo blokas Bäkoline Thermoquick UNO
Enables hygienic heating without water and water vapor. The material stainless steel, rustproof and easy in maintenance. For fondant, sauces, chocolate, etc. -with a removable Bowl; Double wall version with Thermo oil-filling ...
Pjaustymo mašina Graef E 2500
-especially suitable for kitchens and catering -Slicer, also for continuous operation; Type designation: S 2500 gl. M. 400 V Article number: 1585 Manufacturer: Graef GmbH & Co.KG Serial number: 531 8003 Manufacturer ...
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